One of Canada’s leaders in property acquisition and management.

Sustainable Investment. Award-Winning Management.

From its headquarters in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Globe Capital Management acquires and manages Canadian concrete high-rise residential rental properties poised for revenue growth. The company has an acute ability to identify real estate that will benefit from strategic investment combined with the capacity to implement Globe’s proven management platform. It’s an approach that consistently yields above average internal rates of return.

“Our banking relationship with Globe spans more than seven decades. Over that time, Globe’s prudent capital and liquidity management have made it highly competitive relative to its peers. A consistent track record of efficiency, reliability, and integrity has built Globe’s outstanding reputation in the business of real estate acquisition and management.”— Jeff James, Vice President – National Real Estate, TD Bank


Century Roblin
Century Place (Selkirk)
Century Grant
Canterbury House
Bonita Manor
Bonita Arms
Bel Manor
Bel Main
Barrington Place
Armadale Hollows
Granada Apartments
La Framboise
Hamilton Park Plaza
Dakota Towers
Prestige Apartments
Windwood Garden
Westminster Court
Vialoux Village
Victoria Arms
Terrasses Gabrielle
Tempest Apartments
Strathcona House
Strada Villa Apartments
Stanley Park
Stanley Grove
Southview Plaza
Southgate Apartments
Shelard Manor
Roslyn Square
Romada Gardens
River Crescent Gardens
River Clayton Apartments
Rainbow Towers
Rembrandt Gardens
Pinewood Place
Pembina Place
Peppertree Estates
Partridge Manor
Panama Court
Pamela Apartments
Northwood Oaks
Newdale Apartments
Markie Plaza
Lord Ainslie
Lyon House
Lamplighter Apts
Lady Robin Apartments
Lady Dale Apartments
La Tour Eiffel B
Kimberly Arms
La Tour Eiffel A
Kildare Gardens
Kelly House
Hyde Park House
Huntington Place
Guelph Gardens
Golden Arms
Grenoble Manor
Forks Manor
Forks Gardens
Edison Court
Emerald Gardens
Dorchester Apartments
Courts of St. James
Charlesdale Gardens
Chalsam Gardens
Le Saphir
Le 1000 Pratt
Le Navarin
500 St James St, Winnipeg
Courts of St. James Mall, Winnipeg
106 Lowson Cres, Winnipeg
100 Lowson Cres, Winnipeg
1580 Taylor Avenue, Winnipeg
2741 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg
2737 Pembina Hwy, Winnipeg
2735 Pembina Hwy, Winnipeg
390 – 404 Academy Road, Winnipeg
Skyline Tower
Le Villeroy
Le Boulevard
La Tour Penfield
Hillside House
Le Président

A Solid Foundation. An Agile Approach to Growth.

Globe Capital Management started as a family-owned business several decades ago. In the mid ‘90s, Richard Morantz acquired sole ownership, and with the support of his team, has spearheaded the company’s unprecedented growth through the many changes and challenges in the real estate market over that time.

As a privately held company focused on being responsive and adaptive, Globe has built a reputation for dependable, expeditious property acquisitions. With aggressive ambitions to grow its portfolio, Globe is ready to expand its presence in its current Canadian locations as well as new ones.

“Our industry has evolved rapidly over the past 25 years from being dominated by small family-run operations to REITs, pension funds and other institutions, to large private companies. We are very proud that we have adjusted and grown substantially through this transition. We’re confident that we are well capitalized and positioned for accelerated growth in the coming years.”— Richard Morantz, President & CEO of Globe Capital Management

Properties spanning



We are growing our investment portfolio across the country.


$100 million

Annual Revenue

Globe properties consistently achieve above average internal rates of return.


$1.5 billion

Assets Under Administration

We are committed to being good stewards of our company by investing in our people, properties, and the broader community.




Globe’s award-winning property management results in increased asset and service values.

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